House Fire Box 6-1
By Jr. Member Joey Allen
January 9, 2022

At 5:55pm Box 6-1 was alerted for a possible house fire. Both the engine company as well as the truck company were on the street within 60 seconds. While enroute ECC advised there was a hoverboard on fire inside the home that was extinguished by the homeowners and brought outside. E-61 arrived on scene and while DC-6 was establishing command FF Allen and FF Osborne proceeded into the residence and confirmed that the fire was out with no extensions from the origin. With the interior report command held it with Co.6 and Co.69 units. Truck 6 assisted with Ventilation due to the smoke condition on the second floor and after a short amount of over haul units cleared.

Units: E-61, TRK-6, ET-8, 8FP-061
Mutual Aid: RS-69, M69-2, SAF-101, RSQE-1-1, ET-1, FRE. E-82