Building Fire Box 6-2
By Deputy Chief Vernon Wachter
March 16, 2019

17:41 hours. Stations 6 & 8 alerted for a garage fire next to a house. On approach, Amb 691 reported "well involved building" requesting working fire assignment. D.C. 8 (Wachter) arrived reporting large building well involved, multiple exposures, requesting second alarm and tanker task force. Eng.62 arrived taking a position between the house and fire building. Fire attack officer, D.C.6 (Abrecht) quickly put hose lines in operation to protect the house. Minor damage was done to the house. Upon arrival RE-11 protected the fuel tanks and adjacent building to the rear of the complex. The fire building was a 10,000 square ft. Several tractors, golfs carts, other machinery, and guitars were stored in the structure. While the building was lost, the efforts of all companies on the scene prevented the loss of the house and other structures.

Units: E-62, Tanker 6, Truck 6, Brush 6, Chief 6, Deputy Chief 6, Eng. Tanker 8, Deputy Chief 8
Mutual Aid: Sharpsburg, Fairplay, Funkstown, Shepherdstown, Myersville, Middletown, Mt. Aetna, Potomac Valley, Williamsport,, Waynesboro, Leitersburg, Hagerstown Unit 32, Spec.Ops 20, AU & Rehab 25, Safety 204 FM 24

Keith W Abrecht May 15, 2019 at 8:25 AM
Outstanding job by all. Main focus is to walk away from the scene with the house still standing, Mission accomplished. Thanks to all that assisted